About Us

Finally a Native Plant Nursery for the Southern Central Valley & Southern Sierra Foothills!

Peyton Ellas opened Quercus Landscape Design in 2005, and by 2006 she realized she would need to grown and provide the plants she was including in her designs and that people were asking for. The nursery part of Quercus grew and grew along with the rest of the company. Finally, after many years in the planning and building, The Blue Oak opened in June, 2022.

Our mission is to provide the best plant material for landscapes in the Southern Sierra and Southern Central Valley. From years of designing, building and maintaining landscapes, we know what plants work here and which ones are trickier. We know how our climate and soils are different than coastal and Northern California. We are committed to helping create modern, beautiful native-based gardens that are water efficient and meet the demands of our busy lives. That means mostly, but not exclusively plants native to our State. That means education and support, so people can have success with native gardens, conserve water, reduce pesticide and fertilizer use, and provide a better home for the millions of creatures we share this great planet with.